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Jag lyckas ju alltid med nagot konstigt pa jobbet. I forra veckan fick jag fragan om jag ville vara med pa en liten intervju som skulle vara med i var tidning. Visst tankte jag, varfor inte. Har jag nagonsin tackat nej till nagot??

Tidningen trodde jag enbart skulle skickas ut till dem pa var avdelning, nejda, det var i mailformat till hela stora foretaget! Folk har skickat mail till mig om intervjun, de tittar konstigt pa mig i hissen och viskar lite. Jag kanner mig som en kandis 😉

(PS. Tack till Heden som tagit den fina bilden, en sommarkvall pa Roda Sten…!)

Sofia Novo Swensson

Position & Company:
Accounts Officer for Aegis

How long have you worked for the company?
1 week!

Describe your job in one sentence?
Calming and stressful at the same time.

Career highlight to date?
All the fun people and the happenings at the office. In one week I’ve been through cake day, BBQ, drinks and big lunch out with all my colleagues. All in just ONE WEEK!

What super power would help you in your job?
It’s probably not a super power but photographic memory. Or mind reader, I think that’ll be good in any job! (If you’re strong enough to not care about the bad thoughts.)

Funniest person you work with and why?
Simon (Prior) who sits in front of me, you just have to love him, always has catchy phrases and ironic jokes. Makes me smile all day long.

Any secret hobbies?
Except for shopping? Fairtrade and organic food. I’ve already gotten my colleagues to sort out all office papers and put them in a special bin. I’m a hawk over the bins around me. No paper, plastics, glasses or cardboard in them! Irene, who sits beside me at the moment, is almost frightened when she is going to throw something in the bin…

Ultimate travel destination?
Too many!
For relaxing – The islands of Belize, it’s just the most beautiful and relaxed place on earth!
For a fun time – Buenos Aires , there is no better city for party!
For good food – Italy/Cinque Terre or Toscana. (The best food in the world is Italian, no argues).
But right now I have a thing for Africa and all the animals, I’m madly obsessed by giraffes, they’re just amazing with their long necks! Plus I have worked with aid organizations in Zimbabwe and Malawi which I’d love to visit.

Three things you can’t live without?
My iPhone (how horrible is that!), lip balm (I’m obsessed and get panicked if I realize that I’ve forgotten it…) and Swedish snus (tobacco that you put under your lip). I tried to live without both iPhone and snus when I first arrived in Melbourne, I was not a happy person. It ended with my husband buying me a new phone and my mother sending me tobacco!

What’s something that no one at work knows about you?:
I’ve only worked here for a week, but I think people already know everything about me, haha. I’m very talkative…But I don’t think I’ve told anybody that I used to be an athletic gymnast competing on quite a high level. I exercised 5 days a week, 3 hours every day + competitions. I didn’t have much of a spare time until I was 18 years old…

What never fails to make you laugh?
Boring and ironic jokes. I have a “dry” humour as we say in Sweden. I do think I laugh quite easily though, especially when somebody does something that doesn’t fit into the situation.




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