Hair recap

Jag har san beslutsangest vad galler mitt har. Skulle garna vakna upp i ny frisyr och ny farg varenda morgon. En dag lugg, en annan dag lang lugg i mittbena, en dag svart, en dag rott och sen blont. Kan helt enkelt inte bestamma mig. Lugg eller inte? Blont, brunt eller rott?
Har ar en bilbonanza over mitt har de senaste aren. Hjalp mig, vad ska jag ha!!?

I’m having a hard time deciding how I want my hair. I would love to wake up with different style and colour every morning. One day with fringe, another with long fringe parted, one day black another red and then blond. I just can’t decide. Fringe or not? Blond, brown or red? 
Here’s a recap of my hair over the last past years, help me!

Senast, ljusrott/orange med lugg. Gillar det jattemycket, men svart att halla!
Last one, light red/orange with fringe. I love it, but so hard to keep and take care of.

Blont med lugg.
Blond with fringe.

Blond utan lugg.
Blond no fringe.
Mork blond utan lugg.
Dark blond no fringe.

Eller valdigt morkt med lugg. Som nar jag gifte mig (sista bilden!).
Or very dark with fringe, as when I got married (last picture!).

Jag har ocksa haft superblont har, jag till hoger.
I also had superblond hair, me to the right.


7 thoughts on “Hair recap

  1. look at you gorgeous girl!! you pull off every single one of those looks so effortlessly. you look different without the fringe but love it! XX
    ps. think i need to come to sth melb and steal your chocolate – major cravings 😉

  2. It is just like you read my head! Material know considerably regarding this, an example would be wrote magic of making up in buying it or anything.I do believe that one could do with a couple of pics to get the material home slightly, but instead of that, it is magnificent blog. An ideal read.I’ll definitely come back.


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