2011 Part 1: Sweden

2011 var inte ett bra år för mig. På många olika sätt. Sjuk, utbränd fysiskt och psykiskt och egentligen ett år jag helst vill glömma. Men det fanns ganska många fina stunder trots allt. När jag går igenom bilder från året så ser det faktiskt helt fantastiskt ut! Dessutom fick jag erfara vilka fantastiska, underbara vänner jag har och hur mycket min familj betyder för mig.

2011 was NOT a good year for me. I got sick, burned out in every possible way and in fact it’s a year I most of all would like to forget. But there were quite a few nice moments as well. When I go through pictures from the past year, it actually looks amazing! The best with 2011, except for moving to Australia, was that I got to se how wonderful and amazing friends and family I have. Ironic, since I then moved away from them all, just to feel better…!

I started the year at Falls Festival in Australia and then took a road trip to Sydney. I finally got to go back to Bondi beach, where I lived exactly 10 years ago!

Back in Sweden I had this little cutie staying with me for a while. She played drums and turned 1 year the 1st of February!

In March I quit my job, for many very reasons, and me and Heden celebrated the future with a nice bottle of Champagne. Oh, the feeling of being free!

I celebrated Easter at Annelie and Oskar’s house, with my best friends, eating loads of homemade Swedish food.

Chris came over from Cardiff for a visit. We took the bicycles out to Hönö and drank Swedish beer, watched the royal wedding and went for conserts at Pustervik. He was amazed by the amount of baby trollies on the streets and learned how crazy Swedish girls really are, by hanging out with me and Jossa…

I went to a scooter festival in Norway with those two cool guys, amongst others.

Me and Josefine sold loads of shit at the Majorna market and the Almberg family and Heden came by. Everybody is waiving to Johannes in Australia.

I went to Malmö to see Dalai Lama with those amazing girls.

I bet Heden in golf, TWICE, and he took care of me with icy poles. Spring and heat finally arrived after a horribly cold and icy winter.

We had our annual 5-kamp games at Lisseberg and Magda won a hugh Dumble. Annelie fooled me that she was hungover, when in fact she was pregnant!!

Midsummer was celebrated in Högsbohöjd with Francis and the rest of the Almberg family. Here they’re all waiving to Johannes again.

The years first swim was taken and it was unbelieavable cold! We all wave to Johannes from the water and rounded up with a nice BBQ on the rocks, with cava and strawberries as dessert.

I went to Hendriksberg to see Per play with his band, Promises Promises.

We had a party in my garden at Andra Långdagen and got locked in when the big doors didn’t wanna open. Right outside our entrance a rockband decided to put up a scene and play, we had to go straight through the scene to get outside.

I went to Roskilde with the party crew and danced like crazy. Above you see my bruised legs, 3 days after I got them…

Jossa invited me over for champagne and crabfish on her beautiful plates.

In July I flew over to Hamburg for Kristine’s hen party. I wore all white for the first day in my life (except for my graduation) and went to strip club where this greasy Italian guy forced me to touch him…

Me and Annelie went to the Opera on a beautiful summer night.

Me and Heden baby sat Morgan at Tullen and drank a few beers during the time. Morgan had a great time and was happy with Heden.

Me and Heden had late BBQ’s by Röda Sten and watched the sunset from the cliffs.

I went to Anna and Fredrik’s amazing wedding and danced to Räfven and had night swim in the moon light with the band playing on the beach. The most fun wedding I’ve ever been to, although I broke my nose trying to stand on my head on the dancefloor…

Martin came and visited me, spoiled me with nice dinners and I thanked him by letting him babysit Morgan while I had a massage.

Me and the chicks went to Way Out West and danced like crazy to Empire of the Sun. I also watched Daniel falling in to the most discusting lake in the VIP area. Never laughed so much in my whole life I think.

The weekend before I moved to Australia I went to Amanda’s beautiful summer house for the traditional crayfishparty. We drank snaps, sang, ate, had night swims and picked mushrooms. Everything so beautiful and traditional that I almost didn’t want to leave Sweden.

All my amazing friends came over for my leaving party and we drank drinks made from whatever was left over. Åsa made hotshots and sang the hot shot song.

The amount of drunken party nights/days I had at Kino were uncountable. I was in no doubt their biggest client.

Ja, det ser ju helt fantastiskt ut, på bilderna. Men de där dagarna emellan var inte lika bra, inte lika roliga och det fanns en anledning till att jag alltid var onykter och festade så mycket. Ångesten lämnade mig aldrig riktigt. Tack alla superunderbara fina vänner som fanns där för mig hela året!



5 thoughts on “2011 Part 1: Sweden

  1. Vilken otroligt återblick du gjort! Fint skrivet, fina bilder och många fina minnen som väcks till liv. Vi får hoppas att 2012 fylls med lika mycket bra saker fast med mycket mindre ångest och mycket mer välmående!
    För det är du värd!


  2. Josses Amalia! Valdigt fint, det gort att man saknar dig annu mer! Manga kramar fran Kambodja-Hakan (som Sulan kallar mig efter ett genialt inkop av en snygg skjorta…du kommer fa se pa bilder snarast…)


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