Amazing Saturday

Helgen har varit helt underbar, förutom den lilla detaljen att Maria precis åkte hem… Snyft.
Men innan dess gjorde vi massa roliga sakert. I lördags hyrde vi en gron fin bogan bil och akte, tillsammans med Lucia, till South Yarra dar vi at frukost på Kanteen, ett avslappnat stalle vid floden. 
Sen åkte vi vidare till Mornington Peninsula där vi badade, det var 38 grader i lördags…, åkte till vingårdar, ostgårdar och en underbar restaurang med pizza och rosevin. Efter en flaska rose och några shots, bartendern bjöd generöst, åkte vi ner till havet igen och flamsade runt i vattnet och lekte med sjogras.
På kvällen åkte vi tillbaka mot Melbourne och mötte upp Amy och Graham i Black Rock och åt middag på True South, en argentinsk restaurang med eget bryggeri.

The weekend has been wonderful, except for the small detail that Maria just left… It feels so empty and boring without her and mum.
But before that we did loads of fun stuff. Saturday we started with renting a very green bogan car and then we drove to South Yarra for breakfast with Lucia at Kanteen, a great café by the river. Then we drove down to Mornington Peninsula where we started with some beach life in Mount Martha before we drove to some wineries, a cheese factory and a great little restaurant/gallery called Noel’s Gallery. We had pizza and some amazing rose wine. After a bottle of wine and a few shots, the owner was a very friendly guy, we continued down to Sorrento where we had a drunken swim with sea weed and just goofed around in the water.
The day ended at Black Rock where we met up with Amy and Graham for dinner at True South, an Argentinean restaurant with its own brewery. Such a cool place and great ending of an amazing day.

This is probably the uggliest car I’ve ever rented. What’s up with the spoiler and the colour??
Maria, Johannes, Lucia and me at Kanteen.
Beachlife in Mount Martha.
Great wine, beer and pizza at Noel’s Gallery. Well worth a visit, it opened only two months ago and it’s fantastic!
A compulsory picture of the two gymnasts!
There are so much you can do with sea weed. A jacket, a wig, a scarf etc etc.
Late dinner with Amy and Graham, we arrived 1 hour after our booking… But they were great and didn’t mind too much. Calamares, mozarella salad, beetroots with goat cheese, miniburgers, sausages, chees balls, aubergine past, olives. We ate so much!



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