För er som följer mig på , Facebook eller instagram så kanske ni sett att jag varit hundvakt i helgen. Vi har alltså inte skaffat hund utan tagit hand om Amy’s underbart söta lilla beagel Noni. Noni är tio veckor och otroligt nyfiken men samtidigt lite rädd och orolig. Hon älskar att ligga nära nära och mysa/sova. Helst PÅ dig, var som helst. Lördag söndag gjorde jag inte mycket mer än att gå på långpromenader vid havet, leka, mysa och sova med Noni. Så himlans underbart!

For those who follow me on twitter, Facebook or instagram you might have seen that I’ve been watching a dog this weekend. No, we did not get a dog, instead we watched Amy and Graham’s cute little beagle Noni. Noni is about 10 weeks old and very curious but also a bit scared and nervous. She loves cuddling up close to you, preferable ON you, no matter where. Most of Saturday and Sunday I spent walking by the beach, playing, cuddling or sleeping or sleeping with Noni. I absolutely love her!



Our first walk wasn’t very successful. Every two meters she sat down as above, staring towards the house, refusing to walk. In the end I had to cary her to the beach where she became a lot more active.



20120430-194748.jpgShe loved the beach, and as soon as a leave or any bubbles flew against her she started chasing them.


We stayed at Amy and Graham’s house and Johannes bought a very fitted bottle of wine that honestly tasted delicious. Noni wants to be the centre of attention all the time and when Johannes doesn’t care enough about her she climbs up and bites his ear instead.

Sunday we went for another walk to the beach, this time she was much easier. Above is her favorite position, having control and spying on everyone and everything.



we walked for hours and even had a coffee stop. Back home she was so exhausted she fell asleep after 2 minutes, on my head.



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