Sofia’s Met Ball fashion verdicts

Jag skickade ut ett mail till mina kollegor om vad jag tyckte om klanningarna pa the Met Ball. Tankte det kunde vara intressant aven for er, sa har kommer det.

I like these:

Giovanna Battaglia:
She just looks amazing, love the whole floral, Latin theme.

Joan Smalls:
I’ve always loved Balmain!

I actually liked Rihanna, this Tom Ford is doing her well.

Carey Mulligan in a fishy Prada, MY ABSOLUT FAVOURITE!!!

Cate Blanchet, she always looks stunning, I kind of hate her for that…

I kind of like January Jones such a different style on her.

Karlie Kloss in Jason Wu, something different and fun, and very cool!

Jessica Stam in this Dior!!

I’ve never really liked Alexa Chung, but this was really cool and good on her for doing something different. (It does look very uncomfortable though.)

Have no idea who she is, Elizabeth Banks, but LOVE the Mary Katrantzou dress. (Mary is not a designer, she’s an artist!)

And here is an even better Mary Katrantzou dress, on Lizzie Tisch. I love that we start to see more of Mary Katrantzou’s designs on the catwalk.

And I kind of like this Burberry dress, Cara Delivingne, as well, the fabric makes it amazing. (But I can’t find ONE photo of her without that bitchy look on her face…!)

And  you have to give it to Anna Wintour, a golden lobster! Genius 🙂


Chloe Sevigne, what’s with the HORRIBLE hairdo, cut and makeup and aaahhh, everything looks horrible! The dress itself and the shoes are cool, but the styling!?

Beyonce, she looks about 1 feet tall and squared and it’s just neither flattering, sexy or good looking. I didn’t know a Givenchy could look so bad. And let’s not comment on the hair…

Malin Akerman looks like Lindsey Lohan when she was on the rock bottom. Is she wearing a wig?

Absolutely worst of the day: Ashley Olsen. She looks like a 80 year old witch. How, I mean WHAT, was she thinking??? There’s nothing right in this one.

2 hard ones:
It’s not flattering, it’s way to big and it’s just too much, but it’s still amazing, Florence Welch.

Lauren Santo Domingo in Oscar de la Renta; I don’t know if I really hate it or think it’s cool as hell. It’s just too big and to much 80’s, but at the same time, it’s so different and so not really appropriate which makes me love it.

And then, off course, we have Anya Rubik who is wearing the famous Anthony Vaccarello dress and does a Angelina Jolie. Love it or hate it?

All pictures from here.


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