Jag lever mitt liv pa instagram nu for tiden, bloggen har liksom blivit lite bortglomd. Men for er som inte foljer mig dar (@melbournetime) sa kommer har lite bilder.

I’m obsessed with instagram at the moment and the blog has been suffering. But for you who don’t follow me on instagram (@melbournetime) here are a few pictures.

1. Dinner at Marios
2 & 3. Crazy party night at the Carlton Hotel
4. Everything feels so much healthier with the word raw in front of it. Cakes at Vegiebar
5. Friday drinks and snacks at work
6. View when walking home from work
7 & 8 Thursday cakes: tiramisu and lemon poppy seed
9. Found a football with Sweden written on it
10. Sam saved my busy Friday morning with coffee and donuts
11. Got a new screen saver with a ego picture of myself
12. Home sick dinner ended up with Vietnamese food, vegiebar gluten free chocolate cake and whiskey…


One thought on “Instagram

  1. Gillar inte alls att du lagt ner eller blivit sämre på din blogg – Skärpning – Jag läser allt och kommenterar oftast också. Tag nya tag, tack


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