Wilson’s Promontory

I helgen var vi nere i Wilson’s Promontory med Nina och Travis. Hadde en helt fantastiskt helg, alltsa, kan ju inte bli annat nar man aker ner med tva personer vars storsta intressen ar vin och matlagning. Vi at konstant, allt mojlig vallagad god mat. Tror ingen annan stuga dar nere lagade sa mycket och god mat som oss. Dessutom drack vi en sisadar 10 flaskor vin…

Last weekend we were down in Wilson’s Promontory with Nina and Trav. Had an absolutely amazing weekend, it can’t get better than that when you travel with two people whose strongest interests are food and wines. We were constantly cooking or eating, I don’t think any other cabin ate more food or better food than we did, then add that we drank about 10 bottles of nice wine…

Beach 2 couple handstand wilsons 1jump wilsons 2 wilsons 3 wilsons 5My husband is the photographer of the family so why should I only post my dodgy Iphone pictures when he has all these amazing shots I can show? All of the above are taken by him, except off course, the one with both of us, but that’s still edited by Mr Melen. Wilson’s Promontory is all about the scenery and the beaches. 


SwimWent for summer’s probably last swim, yes, it was cold!



On our way back to Melbourne we stopped by Koonawarra and had a great lunch at beautiful Koonawarra Store, well worth a visit if you’re passing by.

We also had a stop by at the picturesque little vineyard Waratah Hills which had a beautiful view and great Pinot Noir.



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