Andra Långgatan 7B

Jag är på semester hemma i Sverige, därav dåligt uppdaterande. I Göteborg bor vi i vår lägenhet på Andra Långgatan som jag saknat nästan lika mycket som vänner och familj. Är det något jag sannar i Australien är det känslan av att ha ett hem, ett eget boende med allt jag vill ha i det, något personligt som är mitt, precis så känner jag med vår lägenhet på Andra Lång. Tyvärr är den nästintill tom förutom möbler och några tavlor, helt nerpackad för flytt, men här är några bilder på den.

I’m on holiday in Sweden and therefor there’s not much happening on this page. While in Gothenburg we are staying in our own apartment and darn have I missed it. If there’s one thing I miss in Melbourne it’s the feeling of having a home, something that’s mine and private and where I can have anything I want, however I want it with my own personal belongings. Moving abroad you have to start all over again if you don’t move everything with you which we haven’t done. Our apartment in Gothenburg is exactly what I want and unfortunately now it’s all empty except for some furniture and paintings, but below you can get a hint of what it looks like.

The entrance to our building.

All the windows on the second floor are ours.

The hallway has pink and red wallpaper and old mirrors inherited from my grandmother, the floor (which you can’t see) is painted all black.

In the dining room we have our art collection with paintings that were wedding gifts, inherited or won at art galleries. The old side table is also a wedding gift from my parents.

All our furniture is either inherited from grandparents or bought at different second hand stores around the country. These old chairs are from Johannes’ grandparents.

Love my handprinted wallpaper in the living room. The shelves used to carry our CD collection which is now in boxes in the cellar.