Fade to W

Ge mig den har looken omedelbart. ALSKAR kostymen i spets. Ny collection och ide fran Weekday, designad av Stine Goya. (Saljer de skorna ocksa!?)

Give me this look now! Love the idea of a suit all in lace. New collection and idea from Weekday, designed by Stine Goya.


As Weekday keeps growing time has come to further broaden our offering. Therefore, we now create a completely new brand. From November we will, two times a year, introduce collections from the new brand that we have chosen to call Fade to W. External designers are brought in to the Weekday design team to create the collections. Fade to W will be designed by fashion designers whose expressions match the highly feminine profile of the new brand.

The premiere collection will be designed by Danish Stine Goya. To many Weekday clients, she is a familiar name; two of Stine Goya’s sculptural and colourful collections have previously been available at Weekday. Fade to W (the W can read Woman or Weekday) is recognised by its distinctly feminine appearance. The first drop week 47 includes sharp waistlines, strong patterns and lace details.

Fade to W is one out of two new brands being introduced by Weekday.

We will be unveiling our second new brand shortly…